Week 5 Weigh in

Week 5 Weigh in

Legs and back so achy this morning it’s all I can do to get myself out of bed. Bending down to get the weighing scales from under my bedroom chest of drawers is agony.

At least the bathroom is free! I can feel my heart racing as I step onto the scales, which annoyingly take an age to stop flickering through various weights until finally, they settle on 31 stone 4 pounds.

Is that it? After all the exercising, hard graft in the garden and the number of times I’ve gone up and down those stairs. 4 miserable pounds off?

Trying not to get dejected but I am a bit confused because I have been virtually perfect this past week with my eating totally under control and having nearly crippled myself through exercise.

My wife Jennie is a bit taken aback with my attitude and when she explains that 4 pounds are a very healthy weight loss in a week it makes me feel a bit better.

You cannot expect to lose overnight what it took you a lifetime to gain explains Jennie and rather annoyingly she is right again.

Thinking positively after my wife’s pep talk that’s three stone or 42 pounds dropped in five weeks.  More importantly, legs that were unable to support my vast bulk only 35 days ago are growing stronger by the day. I am now able to walk short distances without always relying on my two crutches.

Also, I am so pleased that food has lost its power over me. I am for the first time in my life able to resist temptation. I no longer feel food has any hold over me. I am totally in control of my eating. You cannot imagine how exhilarating that feels.

I have learned by eating slowly that I can recognise the signs telling me I am full. I am leaving food uneaten on my plate for the first time in my life. I no longer live to eat. Food is merely a fuel to run my body. I do not use it to self-medicate any uncomfortable feelings that pop up from time to time.

Now I have totally eliminated all processed foods and even diet fizzy drinks from my diet I feel amazing. I feel the harmful additives in these products had me in a brain fug. I can now think much more clearly and the bottom line is I am on the way to improved physical and mental well being.


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