Week 2 Weigh In

Week 2 Weigh In

Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. It’s not that I cannot get off to sleep reasonably easily the problem is I keep waking up with so many plans running through my mind. I tend to sleep for a cou[ple of hours and then I am awake for another hour or so before drifting off back to sleep again.

This morning I gave up trying to get back to sleep and was up to face my weigh in at 4 am.

Another TEN pounds dropped this week. That makes a total of TWENTY THREE pounds gone in the first two weeks of my healthy eating regime. Regime sounds too harsh but I do not like using the word diet as this implies what I am doing is temporary rather than a whole lifestyle change which is permanent.

I know I cannot expect the weight to drop off of me at this rate every week but I am going to enjoy while it is disappearing so rapidly.

Moving about is becoming more bearable after just a fortnight. I cannot wait to see what week 3 brings?


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