Week 14 Weigh in success

Week 14 Weigh in success

Up bright and early at 5 this morning as I was looking forward to this week’s weigh-in and I was not disappointed.  Another six pounds bites the dust.

It puts you in such a good mood when you see all your hard work paying off. After a month of a weekly loss of a pound or two, it is such a thrill to follow up last week’s three pound loss with six this week.

I had a feeling it had been a good week because I am beginning to feel a bit more comfortable standing up and I was able to do a good walk on the beach yesterday.

The coast seems to call me and it is usually down to the seaside I head when I go out most mornings with my wife. Our Cocker spaniel Beau can get a good run out down there because there are plenty of green areas too for him to chase his tennis ball to his heart’s content.

My wife and I can break our walk up by ambling from one bench to another, while we take in the brisk sea air and watch the large container ships heading up the Thames to the London Gateway Container Docks at Thurrock.

Beau excelled himself yesterday by chasing his tennis ball out into the sea. He is in his element down there and while the tennis ball is out he simply ignores all the other dogs that come into his eye line.

I’m heading down to the beach now at just gone  a.m. It’s still dark outside but Beau and myself can have a good walk along the sea wall.

Hoping for another great week ahead. It is my birthday on Saturday though so I will have to be extra careful with the celebrations.




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