Sitting on hospital scales

My starting weight on August 9th, 2017 when I was weighed at the Homerton Hospital in London. As you can see I am wearing a 5 XL jumper and as much as I tried to stretch it down it simply would not cover my stomach.

The scales revealed I was 34 stone and 4 pounds or 218.4 kilos.

I had by this time been visiting the Homerton Hospital for getting on for three years. I had been told that to qualify for weight loss surgery I would need to lose up to 10% of my body weight.

They were seeing me on a monthly basis but each time I returned it was only to see I had become even heavier. By this time I was under the care of a physiotherapist named Alan Myers. Alan had the patience of a saint and despite my weight increasing on each visit he still remained positive that exercise was the key to losing the required amount of weight to be eligible for surgery.

By this time, I was thinking, hang on a minute, If I could lose that amount of weight I wouldn’t be here in the first place.