Over five stone lost in 13 weeks

Over five stone lost in 13 weeks


This morning my weigh-in revealed a 3-pound loss which makes a total of 5 stone 1 pound dropped in 13 weeks. That’s 71 pounds lost at a rate of just under 5 and a half pound a week.

The weight loss has not been without its difficulties. I have fallen over several times, both indoors and outdoors but it is becoming more comfortable to get around.

The worst fall of all was in the bath when I was trying to support my weight and my legs just gave way. It rather shock me up, not least the time and effort it took to get myself out of the bath.

I have sprained my ankles several times and the little bit of walking I have managed so far has left both hips in absolute agony.

Best of all during this opening 13 weeks is I have completely stopped eating processed foods and drinking diet fizzy drinks. This has stopped any food cravings and after the ten days of purging all these harmful chemicals contained in these items from my body, I feel I am able to think clearer.

With 7 weigh-ins left this year, my current weight is 29 stone 3 pounds or 409 lbs/185.5 kilos.   My first target is to get under the 400 pounds and by the end of this year, I want to be at 28 stone.

Wish me luck!

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