Theshrinkingman.com is a means of transforming my life through major weight loss. It will make me accountable and I will share insights gained during my journey towards improved physical and mental health.

Who is the man behind theshrinkingman.com?

My name is Tony Smith. I am in my fifties and my last recorded weight in a hospital is 480 pounds although I was close to 500 pounds earlier in the year.

Standing at 5 feet 8 inches, 34 stone 4 pounds (218.4 kilograms) has placed enormous strain on my body, resulting in a multitude of health problems. Any walking is difficult. Even standing is agony. This will change.

Theshrinkingman.com will not recommend any particular diet program. I tried many of these and found them unstainable. It may be possible to stick a diet long enough to achieve significant weight loss but without an educated change to your eating and lifestyle, it will not last. It is likely you will slip back into your old habits and become even heavier.

My intention is to lose 300 pounds through sensible, sustainable portion control, exercise and by addressing the psychological issues that left me 22 stones overweight.Share this journey with me.

You are invited to share this journey with me.