An embarrasing entry

An embarrasing entry

Not a pleasant subject but I want to truthfully record what I am going through on this weight transformation.  I am having to wear an incontinence pad due to all the chemicals coming out of my body. I had to change the pad and three pairs of underpants during the night due to the amount of water I am drinking.

It’s a strange feeling but I can feel the harmful chemicals that my body has been struggling to process leaving me throughout the evening. The water I am drinking is making me pass the chemicals in my urine and through the pores of my body. I can also feel the water running down my face from my eyes. I am having to wash and dry myself several times throughout the night because I am sweating like I am in a sauna.

When I awake in the morning I feel so dehydrated and I can down a two-litre bottle of water in next to no time. It’s as if my system is now finally able to burn all the fat cells it has laid down and cannot expel these harmful chemicals fast enough.

It’s an uncomfortable but necessary process to go through to get rid of all those harmful additives like Aspartame from my system. These toxins have been laid up in fat storage cells for years but finally, my system is getting to grips with passing them through me.

Better out than in!

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