A glimpse of the future

A glimpse of the future

I had a small glimpse of what life will be in the future today. I sat out in the back garden without my top on. Fortunately, the neighbours on either side were away so I was not as self-conscious as I would normally be revealing my mounds of flesh.  I found it very liberating soaking up the sun without worrying about what other people might think of my appearance.  I cannot wait until I am able to soak up the vibes on a regular basis without feeling an oddity.

This morning my wife and I exercised our cocker spaniel, Beau with our two youngest children at Thorpe Bay in Essex.  Our youngest child Tony junior is known to one and all as Toggy and he was making the most of the last week of his long summer holiday from school.

Our youngest daughter Grace is home from university in Ipswich too and it was lovely spending time sitting on the sea watching them exercise Beau.

This time next year I am hoping to be in condition to go swimming in the sea once again. I spent my childhood years growing up living by the coast and I really miss not being able to swim in the sea.

Yes, it’s only my vanity stopping me taking the plunge but I really do not feel brave enough exposing myself to a gawping public just yet.

Being able to swim in the sea is one of the goals that is spurring me on to shape up. I used to swim all year round in the sea come rain or shine. I am determined to do so once again but I need to shed a good 15-20 stone before I would be comfortable to do so again.

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