100 days into health regime

100 days into health regime

Feeling very pleased with myself for completing the first 100 days of my new lifestyle. When I think about how I was feeling both physically and mentally just over 14 weeks ago, the change has been tremendous.

Three months ago I was virtually unable to walk around without two large bariatric crutches and even standing up was incredibly painful as my huge stomach pulled me forwards. Now having lost over 5 and a half stone I am now able to move around and without pain.

There has been a marked improvement in my mental state too, as I can now see a future.  Although I will not become complacent I have not been tempted to binge eat at all.  This has really pleased me.

This morning after a blood test I took Beau for a run over the green. This is his favourite area as it is enclosed and has a hillock at one end which he enjoys running up after his tennis ball. Beau is also benefitting from the change of lifestyle as he’s out most mornings for a good work out chasing his ball.

I sent the following photos to my four eldest children and received glowing responses. They believe you can really notice the difference but I cannot see it myself yet.




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